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Star Duster Sez

Hey folks.  Here’s a quiz.  You remember them from your school days.  Right?

If one of these statements applies to you, call us some time.

If two apply, call us NOW.

If three ring a bell, where have you been all this time????

  1. My (_job – spouse - children__) stresses me out.
  2. I rode a horse years ago, but we didn’t agree.
  3. I have a horse, and we still don’t agree.
  4. I need a place where I don't have to talk or think about my “other life”.
  5. Instead of showing a horse, I want a horse to show me.
  6. I deserve to leave this rat race and enjoy a horse.
  7. I need a horse VACATION!
  8. My priorities in life are all messed up.
  9. My children need to re-connect with (_animals – nature – responsibility__) .
  10. My children are helpless and have no initiative.
  11. I am fat and out of shape.
  12. Maybe riding will give me (or my child) self-confidence.
  13. I deserve to have fun.
  14. I need to find new friends outside my workplace.
  15. I am not a horseperson, but my grandfather was.  Can I regain that?  I might want to.
  16. I am willing to give up something else in my life so I can do something that I really deserve.
  17. I want to walk around in the grocery store with my riding boots on!
  18. I want to smell like a horse!
  19. I own a pickup truck, but have never thrown a saddle or a bale of hay into it.  Isn’t it time?
  20. I want to meet Star Duster.  He's pretty smart .... for a HORSE!


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