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Splash and Just Some of His Humans


Our beloved Splash passed from this world at about 2pm on January 25, 2009, at Golden Animal Hospital.  We know that many of you cared deeply for him.  Many of you helped him to become happier in his work, to develop muscles and gracefulness.  He taught his riders many things.  He was a very special and very sensitive friend.  (See condolences below.)


Splash really was a horse that blossomed under your care at Anchorage.  He was very kind to his riders.  I am sure people who rode him learned a lot about the sensitive nature of horses.  It was a tribute to his kind nature that so many folks were obviously very fond of him.  Pam King

Splash was such a special, sensitive horse and a big sweety.  I will always remember how he would put his head in my chest for scratches and kisses.  He will be sorely missed and his loss is a great one.  Erin Smith & family

Natalie loved to ride Splash.  He was her favorite.  Sue and Natalie Plothow

I was sad to hear about Splash.  I remember when he arrived at Anchorage.  He was thin.  He wasn't easy to handle. I didn't like Splash at first.  But as the years went on, Jim and you made him into a strong, soft horse, who was really a pleasure to be around.  Derek Trask

Brad and I are so, so sad to hear this news.  We would like to say that he was very lucky to have you and Jim, because we saw how much you both loved him.   I hope you take comfort in knowing that.  Brad and Cristina Burk

I am so sorry to hear about Splash.  Your animals are so special.  I'll always remember how Splash would rest his sweet head on Ciara when she pet him. He will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We will miss him so much!  God has blessed us with him in our lives and we will always be grateful to have known Splash!   Pamela Moe

I'm so sad when I heard the news that Splash has gone to heaven. Although I haven't worked very long with him, he taught me a lot.  He is the most beautiful and the best horse I've ever seen.  I'll always remember him.  Wish him have a good time in Heaven!  Xintong Bao

I will miss him so much.  He taught me everything I know.  He brought me to my first shows and helped me build up my confidence in jumping.  I had so many great rides on him.  He was always so sweet and sensitive.  I am truly heartbroken.  I loved him and will always remember him.  Elyssa Redden

I am so sorry and heartbroken at Splash's passing.  I will dearly miss my special riding companion and teacher.  The "Splashymeister" was a beautiful, sweet, sensitive and loving horse.  Tish Joros

He was the horse that improved my riding the most.  Ciara Moe

Splash was a horse that everyone loved and most adored, but he will definitely be missed by all in my family.  He was such a good horse and he taught lots of people many things.  I know that you guys take a lot of pride in each of your horses and Splash was one of the most definite ones to be proud of.  I hope that no one will ever forget the great things that this horse has done. ~Ana Joros


He has taught me so much and I will never forget him.  Ianna Debrunner

My heart is broken.  You know how much I loved Splash.  He will forever be in my memory.  Vivian George

I am really sorry to see Splash go.  He was a beautiful horse.  I had some really wonderful rides on him.  I am really glad I got a chance to ride such a wonderful horse.  He will never leave my heart and will always be in my memory.  I love him.  We all will miss him.  Natalie Miller

I'm sure Splash had a better life because of you.  Jennifer Reeve

I am sure he had a wonderful life at your barn with all the good feed, loving hands and faces and warm comfortable stall.  Any horse would love the luxury and daily care provided at Centaur Rising.  Suzanne Stevenson

So sorry to hear that your wonderful horse "Splash" passed away. What a great horse he was for your students to ride. I have lots of memories of the kids and adults riding him around the arena, and having to ride him in a quiet frame because of his sensitivity. May all your good memories of him get you thru this time of grieving his passing.  Your friend, Marlene Schulte

I’m really very sorry about this.  And yes, he really had become quite beautiful.  K'lyn Keller

While I didn't get to know or meet him, his spirit and being will be missed.  The photos are wonderful.  He [was] a magnificent creature.  Even though his body is no longer living, his spirit will remain in the hearts and memories of those who were part of his life.  Kate van Houten, CMT, Knot A Problem Massage Therapy

Splash was so "soft" and easy to bend.  I loved the way he would "talk" to me, once we would get in a groove together.  I was looking forward to riding him again someday and am sorry that chance will not arise...  Melanie Johnson

I really am thankful for Splash and all that he taught.  I always thought he was a mirror to the rider.  He taught me so much about my aids.  And he was a kind horse who took care of us.  I'm so sorry to hear this.  I know Splash was a close member of your family.  Love, Cathlin Rice

He was a sweetie.  Kaye McGann

We are saddened to hear about the loss of Splash.  Like one of the family, a loss of this nature is tough.  Please take comfort in knowing that we are thinking of all of you and we will keep you and the horses in our prayers.  Anchorage Farm has played a big part in Elizabeth’s development both as a rider and as a person.  Becky and I have a sincere fondness of your family and the horses as well as we enjoy the lessons and the chance to speak with you both.  Phil Poisson

Horses are more special than most people understand.  Karen Hamilton

We're so saddened to hear of Splash's passing, and so sorry for your loss.  We will really miss him, but he will live on in our memories.  We'd like to give a donation in his memory, and so will send that soon.  Take care.  Our thoughts are with you all.  Margaret, Dean, and Natalie Miller

Sorry to hear about Splash.  I know you guys take pride and care in all your horses.  Thanks for keeping us in the loop.  Steve Cohen

I'm so sorry to hear about Splash.  He was an amazing horse and we all learned so much from him.  Emily Garin

He had the very best final years a horse could ever possibly hope for.  This is why you have Dapper.  Valerie Ritterbusch

He was a sweet horse and I enjoyed my rides on him. He will be missed.   Stacey Page

He was a wonderful and gorgeous horse.  Sarah Gates

I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.  Marley Asselta