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Fred Kappler Clinics


Want to jump start your enthusiasm for riding?

  • Fred Kappler motivates, inspires, energizes.
  • He makes riding fun again.
  • He helps you to understand so much about your riding.
  • He helps you to form a better partnership with your horse.

Fred Kappler on Aiden in shoulder-in

Fred has a great theoretical background for learning.

Fred loves horses-

  • All breeds, sizes, shapes, disciplines.
  • He can help you improve any horse.
  • He rejects none.

Fred enjoys people.

  • He’ll make you laugh.
  • He’ll make you smile.
  • He believes in you!

How can you pass up a clinic with Fred Kappler?

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of a horse you ride,
  • your style of riding,
  • or how well you ride,
  • or – for that matter- if you’ve ever sat on a horse before.
  • It doesn’t matter how much you’ve ridden lately – or if you are afraid – or discouraged.

You won’t be any more after you’ve ridden with Fred!

Fred has been giving bi-monthly clinics at Anchorage Farm continuously since 1997.  We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner when he is here.  Be sure to join us during meal times, a great time to meet Fred and ask questions.  Every Saturday night when Fred is here we have a potluck dinner.  Regardless of whether or not you ride, please join us!

Every time we ride with Fred – or even just observe – we learn something new!  Don’t miss out!  Join us!

Our sign up sheet can be accessed from our Events page.