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Dressage Camp

Who Should Attend?

Dressage Camp is for anyone who wants to learn more about classical horse training.  You will learn what is needed from YOU, the human, to help the horse become more supple, responsive, balanced and strong.

You do not need to be interested in showing.  Bring your horse.  Practice your tests in the show arena.  Get coaching help and videotaping.  Overnight horse and human lodging is available.  If you are hesitant about showing  - or don’t know much about it, this camp is for YOU!

School horses are available for the camp.  Learn more about practical horse training in a supportive and fun environment.

dressage camp

What Will the Camp Consist of?

  • At least two private lessons per day, including one seat lesson;
  • The opportunity to observe other lessons and have them interpreted for you;
  • A chance (if appropriate) to practice tests in the regulation dressage arena;
  • Everything geared to your level of riding and understanding.

What Will You Learn?

  • What the training pyramid is and why it is so important;
  • How the rider’s body helps/hinders the movement of any horse;
  • How to use one’s aids in rhythm with the horse;
  • Understanding, recognizing and developing suppleness, throughness and collection;
  • Using more effective flexion, bending and inside-leg-to-outside-rein connection; and
  • The requirements and movements of your level of interest – introductory through second level.


Impromptu camps can be arranged any month of the year.  Rates are based upon our usual per-lesson fees: four one-hour lessons for $240 on a school horse. Talk to your friends.  Schedule yourselves a fun learning vacation!



Optional on-site lodging is available at Anchorage Farm.  We offer a special $100/night rate in 2018-19 for students attending a camp.  This also includes board for one horse.  We do hope you can come!