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Advanced Horse Camp

not offered in 2022

Who Should Attend?

Anyone age 8 who has participated in Basic Horse Camp or Intensive Horse Camp and wants to learn more.  The requirement that a previous camp be completed may be waived in special circumstances.

What Will the Camp Consist of?

  • Two lessons per day, including one seat lesson;
  • Caring for one's adopted school horse to include turnout, grooming and stall cleaning;
  • Educational material geared to your interests, level of riding and understanding.

What Will You Learn?

When registering, campers or their parents may request that certain material be covered.  For now we expect to include the following:

  • Different styles of riding -
    • The suitability of different breeds for each type of riding and
    • Differences in tack and equipment for each style;
  • What should you look for in a horse to buy:
    • His past history,
    • Manners,
    • Training,                    [See our helpful guide on buying your first horse.]
    • Conformation,
    • Way of going and              [Please note we have no horses for sale.]
    • Soundness;
  • More about the responsibilities of horse ownership

If you have other information you would like to include in Advanced Horse Camp, please let us know.  Advanced Horse Camp will build upon the camper’s knowledge of horses and learning more about horse training.


not offered in 2022

Optional on-site lodging is available at Anchorage Farm.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent to stay overnight.  Click here for the Registration Form for Advanced Horse Camp.  We do hope you can come!