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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own my own horse to take lessons?

No. we have several school horses.  We provide the tack.   You may also borrow a helmet, if you don't have one.  Even if you own a horse, it is advisable that you first take lessons on a school horse.  (That way we can better tell what problems are caused by you and which ones are present in the horse.)

What do I need to wear?

Click here to see the items that facilitate safety, proper riding form (equitation) and communication with the horse. 

What days and times are riding lessons offered?

We give lessons Tuesdays through Fridays, 9am to 7pm; and Saturdays, 9am to 4pm.

What happens if it is raining or snowing?

We give lessons year-round in our indoor arena.  Since the instructors live on site, we are always here.  If you can get here, we can give you a lesson.  We will be glad to re-schedule if it is difficult for you to get here.  Please call if you need to re-schedule.

When is it too cold to ride?

Generally speaking, we consider it too cold if the temperature in the arena is below 10º for experienced riders, below 15º for intermediate riders and below 20º for beginners and for children under the age of seven.  Please call if you are in doubt or wish to re-schedule.  If you check local weather, be sure to choose "Conifer 80433" for the approximate current conditions and weather forecast for our stable.

When is my child old enough for lessons?

We will teach any child who can hold the reins and follow instructions.  Most three year olds can do this if they are really interested in learning to ride. We have taught many two-year-olds.  See Teaching Preschoolers to Ride.

Am I too old to learn to ride?

If you can get on the horse, we will teach you.  Our oldest students have been in their 70’s, most ot whom have been very dedicated.

Do you have a weight limitation?

We are sorry, but our school horses cannot accommodate riders who weigh more than 240 pounds.

Do you have adult riding lesson groups?

We will be glad to accommodate a group that you form.  It is generally difficult for us to maintain an ongoing group of adult riders because of complicated adult schedules.  If you can set up a schedule for your own group of family or friends, we will be glad to teach you.  See rates for group lessons.

Can I take a lesson at the same time as another family member?

Jim can teach an adult at the same time Kris teaches your child.  Anyone age eight or over can ride as a group or a couple – with one instructor.  See our rates.

What if I do not know if I really want to take lessons?

If you are not sure, schedule just one lesson.  If you want to stop after one, you can pay the rate for a one-only lesson.  Other than bed-and-breakfast guests, it is extremely rare for a student to only take one lesson.  The vast majority sign up for a group of four lessons.  Of those who take four lessons, the vast majority continue with more lessons.

How many lessons do I need to “learn how to ride”?

That is really up to the individual.  I always say,  “One lesson is better than none.  Two are better than one”, and so on.  We have many students who have stayed with us for ten years or more.  On the other hand, there are many horse owners who have never taken a riding lesson.  It is all a matter of the quality of experience you would like to have with a horse. 

Can I ride outside?

We give beginner lessons indoors for safety and convenience.  Intermediate and advanced riders may take lessons in the outdoor arena if the weather and footing are favorable. 

Do you lease horses?

We will part-lease a horse if we feel it is in the best interest of the horse.  We can make this assessment only after a rider has taken at least the first series of lessons.

What breed of horses do you use for lessons?

We have three purebred Arabians, one half-Arabians, a horse of unknown breed (thought to be a standardbred), three domestic warmbloods and five imported warmblood horses.  Read about our horses here.

Now that you've read all this, come join us for riding lessons!

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